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Housekeeping note: We lost Ang ...

Posted Oct 14 2010 4:33pm
Housekeeping note: We lost Angelo Kontirinis a few days ago. Angelo succumbed to brain mets after fighting so long. You can find the link to his blog documenting his battle on the home page if you scroll down to the blogs I am following. Rest in peace Angelo.

Feeling much better these days. We changed oncologists and hospital center for convenience sake. The City of Hope is an hour and half long drive while the new one is just 45 minutes aways and he seems to know his stuff so the choice was an easy one.

His name is Dr. Lawrence Liechman in Palm Springs, Ca. and he works out of a place called the Comprehensive Cancer Clinic. Totally cancer oriented and he is an RCC expert. He's also very blunt and to the point and is not afraid to use a cures word now and then.

The first time we met him he said he takes no bulls** and said that if we go to any other doctors he will let me loose to do what I want. He's selfish about his patients and determined to keep them under his care only. If we have any problem with the way he does things we are free to leave and find another onc. I like that and decided to stick with him as long as he takes good care of me.

I began asking about the thyroid effects the Sutent caused and he said he didn't give a sh** about y thyroid, Said he's a cancer doctor not a thyroid doctor and wanted to be clear about that. I said ok and filed the question away for later. I am just as stubborn as he is but I know when to pick my fights. The chance will present itself soon, I am sure.

So, he took me off Sutent for the near future. He felt the Sutent has poisoned my system and it is the reason for th evoniting and all th eother SE's I have been dealing with. Makes sense to us since I've been taking the stuff for three long years now. Afinitor did a real number on me and I haven't been the same since so Sutent isn't really helping much.

Not saying it isn't working to shrink the cancer. It's just that the body will build a tolerance to a drug after so much time and you reach a point of diminshing returns where the good is outweighed by the bad. I supposed we reached that point last January.

Now, I', hoping and praying to be well enough to attend classes come spring. Right now I am not in the best condition to meet the demands of classes but I believe that if given time, I can do it once again for two more semeters. Then I can take a long break before starting the university for two years for that history degree.

All I'm asking for is another five years. That's all I want so I can get that degree. It's become a life goal now.

I'm feelign well enough now that I am becoming restless. Boredom sets in and I have to pace the apartment. I want to go out and get away but I don't have the energy for any real trips. Glenda doesn't drive so it's up to me to handle the driving. Everytime we go the the doctor I have to take a nap once we get back home. That's a real time waster in my eyes but I have to do it.

Another problem is that the naps affect my sleeping at night. I rarely sleep th enight through and wake up very early. Since we live in a small apartment and Glenda is a light sleeper who wakes easily, I have to lay in bed until sleep returns.

Yes, there are nights I get up and turn on the computer but they're short lived and far between. Plus Glenda awakens when I type even with a closed door between us. When she wakes up she has a hard time going back to sleep so I don't want to bother her sleep.

Oh well. Such are the ups and downs of this cancer journey. If we continue to get shrinkage maybe some day we'll return to normal as we knew it before the diagnosis. Can we say NED?

Wouldn't that be great?
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