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Hope Floats

Posted May 31 2009 11:39pm

The verdict is no radiation at this time. Dr. Chen says it can wait for now because it's too risky in the area where radiation would be given. The heart and the lung could be compromised and it would not be good for Marco.

Dr. Chen spoke with Dr. Chow (chemo doctor) who is also the prime investigator at City of Hope for the Phase III Trial of AP23573. He also agreed not to do the radiation now. He wanted to give Marco a chance to start on the AP23573 because tests showed that the chemotherapy has worked to kill the live cancer cells in the lung tumor.

We are crossing our fingers that this Phase III pill will be the real thing and not a "sugar pill" which in any case it wouldn't matter in the long run because a lot patients with sarcoma's will benefit from all the information gathered.

These last couple of days has been somewhat of a stress since Marco had a lot of questions and concerns in regards to the Phase III Trial. After reading and re-reading all of the paper work that was given he decided to go ahead and do it. This, Monday June 1st he has an appointment to meet with Dr. Chow to see what is going to be needed before they start or if they still need to do some exams to verify that he is still a candidate for the Phase III Trial.

Marco is still having some pain but has been up and around...he continues to test himself at times but now he knows what his limits are. (It's about time!)

Well the kids are now on vacation...for a moment, Marco thought that he might have to do some radiation and all he thought was oh no that meant that the kids summer would be spoiled again and that he and the kids (and I) would be at COH. So he was relieved when Dr. Chen said no more radiation.

Like Marco says, you try not to say that you get use to it (being at COH)...but you do. City of Hope has become our second home away from home. Under the circumstances we wouldn't have it any other way.

I would like to thank everyone who have been calling Marco lately, it has been a great treat to see Marco talking and laughing with you guys.

I will let you know what happens in the next appointment...

The Wife
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