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Home! (or, Not So Much)

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:10pm

I am back. Well, I am back, at least, until I am gone again - gone to my new house in my new city. Okay, so I don't own the house, but I am renting it. It is wonderful, three-stories, large rooms, detatched garage (for bikes!), huge kitchen upstairs, second kitchen in the basement, radiator heating, vegetable garden, closets galore, front (rock) garden (this will change, and soon), a laundry room, gas stoves (!), and a cold storage. Not to mention the four very large bedrooms, or the fact that it is in an amazing neighbourhood in New City (and Reprogirl, I am already insisting you mark me down for a date the next time you are in town).

Okay, so the house hunt was at the end of my trip, and it was done in delerium. I had only slept about 20 hours over the previous week, my fellow house-hunter little more, and days of walking in bad shoes gave me blisters on the soles of my feet so large that I couldn't step flat, and I overdosed myself with Ad*vil liqui*gels at night just so I could sleep through the pain. I looked at some terrible places (including one house right next to the train tracks. And I mean right next.) and we were staying with an uncle who was not an uncle, and who scared us terribly until the mother of my friend (male; 24) emailed the pseudo-uncle (who looks like Max Von Sydow and almost killed us in a car accident, okay? and he didn't want to drive us, okay. and who spent 20 minutes telling a joke but wouldn't tell the punchline, okay. because he wasn't going to get into details, okay.) and told him to "take it easy on the kids." Moms. I love them.

Everyone we met in New City was slightly crazy.

Prior to that I was in the sticks on an island off the coast of B.C. where I attended a wedding and was almost killed in a car accident (I mean, almost killed in an almost car accident, but do you see the trend?) I ended up doing the hair of the bride (I've never done hair before, I can hardly manage my own) and I have never seen anything more beautiful than my dear friend walking down the path through the wooded garden, piper piping her in, my dearest dear weeping already. It was lovely and stunning, and I cried when bride and groom read to one another from Song of Solomon, and when the piper piped the married couple out again. Oh weddings, they make me cry.

And before that, I was in Vancouver, home of the magnificent Spike, who is every bit as magnificent as I expected (eat your heart out Rae ). We ate lunch, and talked for hours, and drove around the park, and it is really great meeting an internet friend, I highly recommend it, ladies.

And while in Vancouver, I stayed with my bestest friend in the entire world, and he proposed to his boyfriend while we were there, and I am to be his best person (and number one planner!) for a wedding which takes place in less than a year! and I cried when I told his boyfriend how happy I was that he was marrying my dear friend, and everything is going to be fabulous at that wedding because they are both artists, and I get to wear an ostentatious dress and carry flowers, and really, that is all I need to make me happy.

And before that I stayed with my dad and his girlfriend, and we picked berries (because that is what you do in a farming community) and just hung out.

And before that, I had the loveliest visit with my mom that I have had since before I was diagnosed with cancer (although I still have some residual issues with family and cancer which I will bring up in another post), and we raided the clinic where she works for estra*dot because I forgot my prescription at home.

And when I got home last night, The Dogger was here, with her friend Charlootie (the second best dog in the world - she is staying with us right now), to say hello. And they both cuddled with me all night, and I didn't mind, even though it was kind of hot.

And now I have things to do, like studying, and cleaning, and packing. I missed you all, and it is good to be back. Catching up will ensue.

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