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High vitamin-D bread…now there’s a thought!

Posted Mar 02 2011 5:15am

A recently-published study on a high vitamin-D bread tells us that as many as 70% of the U.S. population may have insufficient vitamin D status. Eeeek!!! A blogging friend (thanks!) sent me the full study…Now, you can find the gist in a Science Daily article ( ), but if you are feeling particularly audacious, go have a look at the study abstract:

This could actually be a bit of very important news, especially for those of us myeloma folks who don’t believe in supplementation, particularly in vitamin D (not my case, of course! Even though, come to think of it, I don’t take a huge amount of stuff…mainly, curcumin, fish oil, quercetin and vitamin D…oh, and a vitamin B complex right now…but normally I don’t take any vitamins etc. I try instead to have a healthy diet with lots of herbs and spices…).

Another point. If you are new to my blog and need some convincing on how important vitamin D is for MM, MGUS and SMM folks, please have a look at the 2009 Mayo Clinic study, which proved that MM patients with normal levels of vitamin D had better outcomes than those with low levels of this vitamin. You can find the link here: After reading that study, I began pushing for the vitamin D test to be part of our , especially especially ESPECIALLY at diagnosis. I mean, you don’t want to be in the “worse outcome” group, do you? No, didn’t think so. I don’t, either!

Okay, I have to go now…I am busy busy BUSY these days, but I will check the full bread study as soon as possible to see if it contains anything that I should report about, here…Hmmm, how about a vitamin D curcumin bread? Now there’s a super thought! ;-)

P.S. I wanted to mention that sometimes my replies to blog reader queries get rejected by the oh-so-bothersome “Mailer Daemon.” So it’s not always a question of my forgetting to answer your messages or, worse!, ignoring your messages. I am mentioning this right now because it just so happened that the Mailer Daemon rejected the reply I sent to Wes a few minutes ago…Wes, I really hope you read this note and don’t feel neglected or ignored by me. Scroll down my Pages on the right-hand side of the blogyou should find all your answers there. Or send me a different e-mail address, and I will try to forward my rejected reply to you. Thanks!

Written by Margaret

March 2nd, 2011 at 3:15 am

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