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High fevers…

Posted Jan 31 2011 5:32am

Stefano had been complaining about not feeling well more or less since Wednesday…and I kept telling him to take his temperature but, no, he didn’t think he had a fever. Men. On Friday morning he woke up feeling simply awful, but he told me that he had to go to work. He didn’t last long. After swinging by our doctor’s office, he was home by lunchtime. By then he had a temperature of 38.2° Celsius (=100.76° Fahrenheit). Eh.

On Saturday morning, it was my turn…not surprisingly, given my itsy bitsy teeny tiny immune system (a feisty little one, though!). Well, to make a long story short, Stefano and I spent the weekend in bed, lovingly nursed by all five cats. Yesterday evening my temperature went up to 39.1° (=102.38° F.). Wowsie. But this morning it is back down to 37.7° (=99.86° F.). And Stefano’s temperature is normal. The worst appears to be over.

I actually feel quite well, even though my body still aches a bit, and my brain is rather foggy …Oh, and I do have an occasional racking/annoying cough that I began treating with an antibiotic on Saturday. My lungs are most certainly my weak point, so I have to be super careful…

But let’s get to the point of this post. You may remember a post I wrote about fevers perhaps causing spontaneous remissions (if not, click here: ). Well, being the incredibly stubborn gal that I am, I decided not to take anything to bring down my fever…unless it went too high, of course. Keep in mind that this was in my entire life that I haven’t taken any Tylenol to bring down a fever…especially a high fever. Seriously. So, yes, it was an experiment. A silly one, perhaps…probably…but boy oh boy, I really got caught up on my sleep! ;-)

So how am I going to be able to tell if some of my myeloma cells were overheated to death, annihilated by my high fever? Eh. Good question, to which I don’t have a good answer…

The only thing I can do is have tests done early next week…as soon as possible…

To be really honest, I doubt much will have changed (skeptical, as always)…but I secretly hope to be surprised…

Written by Margaret

January 31st, 2011 at 3:32 am

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