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Help others: how did you survive cancer?

Posted Feb 06 2009 5:26pm

After my father passed away 2 years ago with secondary liver cancer, we now gathered a few metastatic liver cancer survivors.


A few, because for this disease there is no clear cut cure.


Therefore we look what each of these survivors have in common and we found that mainly "they did everything right".


We are compiling a list of what 'everything is in order to survive cancer' and ask for your input when you are a cancer survivor or know a cancer survivor.


What do you as a cancer survivor want to add to or have in common with the list below?


  • believe there is a cure
  • conventional medicine like chemotherapy, surgery and/or radiation therapy
  • add to that alternative cancer treatments to boost their immune system and overall health
  • improve health of body and soul : especially focus on less stress, more exercise and a healthy diet based on organic products
  • money or good health insurance to buy what you need to better achieve all of the above exercise
  • lots of love (or like Patrick Swayze said to Barbara Walters: gotta have a dog! )


Please help us make this list as evasive as possible, because we do believe the cure for cancer is out there, but we have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in order to succeed.


Thanks and God Bless!

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