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Help for St. Jude kids - including Vivi

Posted Nov 03 2008 9:03pm
As some of you know, today’s is Vivienne Esmé Martin’s big bad 6-month birthday. The update is that we remain at St. Jude pursuing her treatment, and expect to have our next MRI status update shortly. Vivienne kept her parents up all night last night with anticipation. She has been staring at her three ponies (Bella, Show-Pony and Sheena) expectantly, chatting to her panda (Obi) about all the fuss, and generally smiling and laughing a lot. This morning, my big girl imitated hands clapping and burst into laughter.

With that said, my sister Lynn emailed me this morning with a thought that echoed my own inner voice. It is bizarre to have to be absolutely delighted that Vivienne has made it to 6 months old, something that in this day and age we take for granted. So I am especially thankful to God today, and to both St. Jude the saint and St. Jude the medical facility.

Fortuitously, we have an incredible opportunity to give a half-birthday gift not only to Vivi, but to our other friends here who also recently celebrated birthdays – Amber’s birthday was last week (she’s 8, and she got a real pony from her grandmother), and Dakota turned 4 right before he was deemed healthy and permitted to go home. A colleague of my sister at the International Monetary Fund is running the Marine Corps Marathon to raise money for St. Jude. The remarkable thing is that the IMF matches donations at 50%, so a $20 donation made toward his run will be $30 to St. Jude. Information on how to give is copied below.

By no means am I intending to pressure or guilt anyone into giving, but I certainly intend to cajole and gently persuade. When St. Jude invited us to come free of charge and attempt to save Vivi’s life, or at least keep her here for as many birthdays as possible, they told me that it costs about $1.8m per DAY to run St. Jude, and that only about $180,000 of that is reimbursed by patients’ insurance coverage. The level of support and care here is unbelievable – we recently received a statement for one of Vivienne’s surgeries. The surgery cost $64,000, and we are not expected to pay a dime. Not only that, but the level of research, the care, the housing and feeding, without which we can say with great confidence “Vivi would not be here today.”

The marathon is THIS WEEKEND, so time is of the essence. So, NO PRESSURE, but thank you in advance for anything you feel comfortable giving. If you want all to know the donation is in honor of Vivi, you can reference "for Vivi". Thank you, and happy birthday Vivi!


From: Gottselig, Glenn
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2008 9:01 AM
To: Gottselig, Glenn
Subject: Fundraising--UPDATE

Dear Colleagues,

I thought I would update you on my fundraising efforts (also part of the Helping Hands campaign) to help the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. (Again, apologies for the mass email.) I'll be running the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend, and I've now raised nearly $1600, which is amazing!

A huge thanks to all of you who have donated! (I'll be sending individual thanks later.)
I'm now just a little short of my $2000 goal, and I know that some of you have told me you would be interested in donating, so now is your chance!!
To donate grab a credit card go to my fundraising page at
click on "Make a Gift" the rest is easy.

I will work with the Helping Hands Campaign organizers and ensure your donation is matched by our employer.

About the Hospital
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital treats children at no cost to their families. The Hospital depends primarily on public support to care for more than 5,100 young patients battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. That's why I have decided to raise money to support the good work the Hospital does.I'm hoping you will join me in helping save the lives of children! Any donation--big or small--is much appreciated.

You can also visit my page on the Helping Hands Campaign Giving Station page. (Enter the page via the link at the bottom of the intranet home page)
Many, many thanks,
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