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Health is a Part-Time Job

Posted Jun 19 2009 10:13pm

Who am I? I am a 59-year-old woman. I am a cancer survivor. I am also a woman who has diabetes (Type 2), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a myriad of other health problems that irritate the hell out of me.

I am learning – slowly – about what I need to do about my own health. This is a journey of discovery, “this” being my life and this blog.

A year after my colon surgery I started to actually think about my health. I think I was too much in a numb state of denial before that. I began to walk for exercise, just a little at a time, and then in 3-mile bursts. I began to watch a little more about what I eat.

It’s a struggle. I think it always will be.

What I want to say right now is: it’s a part-time job. Dealing with my health is a part- time job. It takes about 12 hours a week, sometimes more. Why all that time?

Walking 3 to 4 times a week, 3 miles at a clip.
Dealing with establishment of, maintenance of, reordering, and taking prescription meds.
Going to the doctor: general practioner, specialists, optometrists, dentists, etc.
Buying nutritious grocery items.
Researching and reading about health.
Attending health fairs, 5K runs, etc.
Taking my blood glucose level every day.

I’m sure I could add a few more items. But that’s the general idea.

I think treating my heatlh like a part-time job means that I treat it more seriously. If there’s a surprise, well, it’s not so much of a surprise, because I’m more aware.

I’m still learning. I urge you to join me in my journey, my discovery, to work on my health and help others do the same.
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