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Health Care System

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:56am
We need to change our health care system. I am glad that it is becoming a hot topic these days because our system is screwed up!!! I don't know what I can do to change it but if I could, I would be a member of that committee or board to give my two cents worth!! I also think I should work for an ostomy company to help them figure out how to make these products better, more practical for all occasions. I just hope to live to be able to have these jobs. I also would like to be a patient advocate for cancer patients, someone they can go to when they are having the problems I am having: unsure which physician to call for different problems, not getting answers, confused, frustrated etc. with the system and not getting the treatment we deserve. ugh! I feel better venting a bit.
I went to see my ob/gyn who is actually the physician who did my total hysterectomy in January along with the rest of my surgery. She specializes in gynecological oncology. I saw her because of the swelling I was having around my left lower abdomen. Every other physician kept telling me I needed to see someone else for this. So they got me in to see her yesterday. She took a look and said she thought it was lymphedema, or swelling because of a possible blocked lymph node down there. She seemed to think this was because of the abnormal cells (cancer cells). She wants to see the results of the recent MRI I had, which I don't even know what the results are yet, they haven't called me to tell me anything. So I called yesterday. I need to call again because I haven't heard from them. I also had to call MD Anderson back because I have tried to reschedule my appointments that are set in November, but I need to push them back a few weeks. I have called 3 times already. They sent me another, I received yesterday in the mail, it was the same schedule as before, ugh!!!
I am just so frustrated right now, I really have to do it all myself and really be my own advocate and that is really hard with so many other things going on. It is hard to keep up with it all.

On a lighter note, Angie, my friend from Children's Mercy, who I used to work with just moved in with us for a little while. Ella absolutely loves her and it is nice having her here. She will live here for a few months to help so she can save some money and she will be helpful to have around for me as well.

My mom is doing okay. She has been getting up and about more, but still gets achy and tired and needs to take it easy still. She thinks she should be up and well by now, she says she feels useless. She said she was sorry she was being a "panty waste", hehe, isn't that hilarious. ahh mom, I love you, you are funny. Now I know where I get this same attitude.

Thank you to all of you who have shown me so much support lately. My neighbors are, as always, amazing to me. They always rally for me and I truly hope I can be around to be there for you all someday. All you bloggers, I love your support as well. I really don't feel the need to see my therapist that much, I think my blog really is like my therapy. As you can tell, I like to use it to vent all the time.
Everyone, enjoy this weekend. I will talk to you all soon. shawndra
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