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Headed South?

Posted Sep 08 2010 8:16am
This last weekend, Labor Day Weekend, our family was blessed with another camping trip to .
Larry let us borrow his truck to tow our camper.  
Our tow vehicle, a 1996 GMC Suburban, had an engine failure a few weeks ago, so we would not have been able to go without his generosity.  Thank you very, very much, Larry!
We visited one of our family favorite locations; Ludington State Park.
If you look close at the picture you can see the trees are beginning to change color.  

The Fall season is almost here.
Hamlin Lake Dam

Monarch Butterflies Heading South for Winter

I enjoyed watching the Monarch Butterflies migration South.

I raised a Monarch Butterfly from a caterpillar when I was a boy.  I remember feeding it Milkweed leaves, watching it wrap up into a green hanging cocoon with a golden zipper at the bottom, waiting for it to emerge transformed into a beautiful butterfly, and releasing it to fly away.

Bump on Right Wrist
Last night I had a tough time sleeping. The cGvHD was pretty active. I got out of bed this morning with itchy arms and legs. I had several bumps on my skin.

Bump on Right Leg
The itching is gone, and the bumps are gone, again, for now.
I'm hoping that the ECP treatments, that I start next Monday, will help get this cGvHD under control.
I'm hoping and praying that all things don't go South. Ha! Ha!
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