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Has Anyone Seen My Appetite?

Posted Feb 03 2009 1:22am
I was told one of the side effects of the treatments would be a loss of appetite. Well those who say so are not kidding. I have little to no desire to eat even the foods I enjoy. I lost three pounds over the weekend and for my skinny frame, that's three pounds I need. So, I am going to continue to eat a healthy diet, but I am also going to keep some junk food around the house so I will eat when I have no appetite.

Now each one of us has different "junk foods" in our diets. So to best explain it, I'm talking about the foods you can barely resist even after you have eaten to your satisfaction. Those treats that you always have room for. I need to have some of those around for the days I have no desire to eat. Because it’s not just that I have no appetite, but I actually feel full and could go all day without eating. And anyone whose known me for any length of time knows I cannot go long with out grabbing a sandwich [Right, Steigerwald???]

So, I will stock up on these foods so I will still eat. Because I am clear that without those foods I will likely eat nothing and that would dangerous for a fella like myself whose already lighter than I believe I was born to be.
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