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Happy Thanksgiving and catching up

Posted Nov 26 2009 10:02pm
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I hope you have a beautiful day with your families and friends. My family will be coming to visit and have dinner with me this afternoon. I have missed them, I have not seen them since Saturday. Sofia is all better now and no fever for 48 hours so she can come back to visit today.

Days 9, 10, 11, 12 have been rough. Lots of complications or side effects arose we are trying to get under control. I have a red rash that looks like sunburn on my entire body and it itches out of control a lot. I have a ton of congestion in my nose and sinus area from the mucositis. The mouth sore are still there, they are on my lips, so my lips are swollen, I look really funny because my face is swollen and burning red. A lot of my by mouth medicines were changed to iv since I could not get them down. My appetite is awful, the sight of food can send me vomiting, but I keep trying to find things I can tolerate, it is not to much. I been getting the shakes, but really bad, they call them riders before you get a fever and have had to try several medicines to stop them once they start. I been getting blood and platelets each day, so the benadryl I get for that plus meds for shakes puts me to sleep, so I don't remember a whole lot about these last few days except I have felt terrible and cant wait to feel good again. They are changing all my meds around to try and find out which one is causing this red skin reaction, but still no luck. I have a three lumen catheter, which means I can get three ivs at same time and for past few days they all been going 24 hours a day, it is a lot of medicine, which I am sure is adding to my not feeling well. I am still trying to walk a bit and yesterday the physical therapist brought in Wii and we played tennis, which was actually fun and got me up and moving around.

Hopefully I will begin engrafting soon and my white blood cells will rise and then a lot of these issues will go away, it wont be to soon for me. I am ready to start feeling better already, come on engraftment, lets get busy!
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