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Happy Tears!

Posted Sep 30 2009 10:57pm
The drive down to City of Hope was quiet and the weather was a little gloomy. My stomach was all over the place.

I turned to Marco and asked how he was feeling and he said good.
All I could think of was yeah right...if I am feeling like this I could only imagine what was going through your stomach.

These appointments are the ones I dislike the most, I think.
It's the "unknown" that fear of what could be said that haunts and keeps me awake, as well as Marco.
That's what gets my stomach in a knot.

We started the day with a CT Scan, followed by lab work. We were pretty much ahead of schedule so we decided to wait for the doctor to see us for the results.

Doctor Chow came in with his cheery self and asked Marco how he was doing and then gave us the news that all test are CLEAR! He didn't see anything on the x-ray and all labs are great. He even brought down his cholesterol level by 50 points.

So either the chemotherapy worked or the combination of chemotherapy and Phase III trail together are working. just damn good will to survive, but something is kicking this cancer's ass. Crossing my fingers that it stays like this for a long while.

I swear sometimes I just feel like jumping and giving the doc a great big I just say thank you a million times while he is finishing up his exam. ButI think he may have to call security to pry me off of him, just because I am so grateful.

My phone went off before texting a great news message to everyone before getting to the car and it was DLP texting from school wanting to know what was going on with the results. When I texted her the great news she was quick to respond " I am so happy! Sushi on me! to celebrate."

I couldn't contain myself by the time I got to the car my eyes were filling up with happy tears and by the time I reached the freeway... Marco looked over and said why the hell you crying .. I said they are happy tears and that was all it took to take me over the edge...... I was full blown crying. Good thing I wasn't wearing make-up cause you won't want to get a visual on that.
It's just a sigh of relief to know that this disease is not in control in his body "right now".

I texted everyone with the good news and within seconds everyone was replying with excitement. It feels good to know that everyone is there and feeling the same feeling that we are.

We finally went to Yoshi Sushi last night and celebrated. While we were there, I turned to Matthew because I realized in all the excitement I forgot to mention it to him about our day at City of Hope. Didn't mention the results and that there was no cancer.
So, I turned to him and asked, while he is tearing up some green tea ice- cream with whip cream and chocolate all over, if his pappa had told him the good news, he replied with " no what good news!" so I leaned in and told him that we had gone to City of Hope and asked him and guess what!

He had a smile on his face and said they didn't find anything on his lungs..(as he touched his chest).they didn't find a tumor anywhere in his body's gone!? We all said yes ..... Good" said Machini, so now we can go to Lego Land since it's gone." We all laughed and started to get teary eyed right then and there, as we all continued to laugh through it .......while Marco adds ....."Just for that I am going to have beer!" and he did.

I would like to thank you all for replying to the text ...we appreciate everyone's love and support
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