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Happy Baby, Headed to the Medicine Room

Posted Nov 09 2008 11:35pm

Vivienne headed off to the Medicine Room this morning in a great mood, despite getting so very little sleep last night.

When Vivi throws up a lot, one of the consequences is that she is so hungry all the time! So all night she couldn't sleep restfully because she was hungry and her nose was stuffy and she just plain didn't feel good. Of course, we continue to offer her food and she greedily wants it every single time, but she pretty much always throws up. My hungry, greedy little Potato was so stressed out all night.

I did something I never do, and brought her into bed with me for a little awhile and tucked her in very close, warm and snuggled. I held her hand, talked with her and stroked her forehead. I made her a Ba and gave her just a few sips at a time, which was enough to help her get back to sleep. So about every 3o minutes she would wake up, have a sip or two, and then go back to sleep.

With such a rough night, I was thrilled with her playful, chatty mood this morning! We had planned to take her to the Children's Museum of Memphis, but on returning from the Medicine Room she passed out in the super-comfy beanbag chair here in the isolation room. She's so cozy and comfortable that we realized the best thing for her is a day of easy, breezy, comfortable cuddling. We will do the museum another day.

What a comfortable bunny! Somebody will be getting a cushy bean bag chair for Christmas this year!
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