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happiness in squeaky wheeldom

Posted Nov 11 2004 12:00am
So far, so good today:

Got DS2 to Atrium on time, in spite of protests.
Got DS1 to write a most adorable "My Hero of Character" essay during DS2's class, and to work ahead on his Sacrament of Penance packet work.
Got Burger King for the kids' lunch on the way home from picking DS2 up from Atrium.

After lunch, tried for the movie at 12:15, but it was sold out until 2:30, so we came home and hung out until about 2, when we went back up. And we got there just as they opened the doors to the theatre, and we were at the end of the huge line to get it! We ended up sitting in the 2nd-to-last row, which was cool because DS2 was totally fascinated with the projector room (hee).

Anyway, The Incredibles was, not to be completely lame, incredible. Better than Finding Nemo, and that's saying a lot. Simply amazing.

So I got home feeling very good but then when there were still no messages from the endo, I got quite ticked, and broke a little of the No Freaking Out rule.

The kids were outside working out the kinks from spending two+ hours in the movie theater, so I called the answering service for the endo's and ranted at them a bit. I tried, really, not to get too upset, but y'know, I do have cancer, it's not as if I'm being a hypochondriac, and I have left several messages, and what I'm asking ain't all that complicated, namely: labs this week, whaddya think, huh?

So, about 20 minutes later, the lovely, sweet, kind Yolanda called and got me settled down and figured out everything (except where the ball got dropped). Here's the scoop:
My TSH last week was all the way up to 32, so Yolanda thinks I'm probably good to go (TSH has to be at least 40).
She also told me the name of the doctor who will be administering the dose, and said she would arrange a telephone consult with him tomorrow. He will ask me a million questions, and then he will determine whether or not I need to go into the hospital. We have been thinking that it would be for sure a few days in the hospital for me, but maybe not? Who knows?
So tomorrow I will be driving up to Phoenix for more bloodwork, they will do a rapid TSH to see if I'm good to go, and they will try to schedule everything for NEXT WEEK!

Of course, it would've been nice to know that before Mom left, yesterday...
Whatever -- we'll manage, somehow or other. Things will be OK.

I realized I forgot to include the 2 squares of organic chocolate I had yesterday in my eating list, plus I did have another handful of pecans as a snack before bed.
Today's eating:
breakfast: 2 slices of astonishing chocolate cake (no frosting), cup of ginger peach tea
lunch: couple of skinny slices of pork roast, some roasted carrots, leftover chicken leg
snack: Fuji apple
apertif: Guinness. DH opened it by accident (he wasn't paying attention to what he was actually holding) and so I looked it up, and the ingredients are all A-OK, so I drank it. It was yummy. And it's pretty low-carb, too, a smidge less than 10g.
dinner: zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, chicken sauteed in olive oil with garlic and Italian herbs, two skinny slices Italian bread
dessert: 2 squares organic chocolate

The popcorn didn't even tempt me at the movie theater!
Hands again a little stiff this morning, but fine throughout the day. Everything else really seems OK. Digestion has been moving along well which in some ways surprises me. Usually when I'm stressed about something, my stomach goes every which way, and that hasn't happened this time. Maybe because I did my freaking out beforehand? Maybe because I'm eating really well? I don't know, but I'm grateful.

Here's how the scar is looking after 3 weeks:

I do still occasionally feel as if the only reason my head doesn't fall off is because it has been sewn on, but otherwise it's good. My head and neck mobility are fine. The area around the scar is still a little tender. The glands up under my jaw are also still swollen so it's good I'm seeing Dr T in the morning just to get that checked out.

All in all, things are going very well.
Even though I had to freak out a little, it was a good day.

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