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Hair update

Posted Aug 10 2009 4:32pm
So I would take a pic but my camera busted this past weekend

Head: dark blonde peach fuzz. it's about an inch in some places but sparse and short in others. I saw a newborn today in the clinic and I have to say that the baby and I were sporting the same hairstyle- I have lots of places where the hair is growing in slower than others- especially on the sides. It looks like I have a receding hairline. I really really hope that I am like a baby and it will eventually all grow in. Otherwise I may be wearing a scarf my whole life :(

Eyebrows: um.. yeah still not there. I look pretty stupid, especially when I am tired. I don't even have many little stubblies here...

Lashes: I have one.. ONE.. eyelash on my left eye. It's a reminder of how long and black they used to be. Everyone says I should pull it but I want that reminder... there are little blonde stubblies coming in thank god.

Legs: some short hairs but blonde!!!

Pits: longish and blonde!

I have decided that in honor of my new hair that I am not going to cut or shave it for awhile, if ever. Especially since it is growing in lighter. It feels wrong to shave something I have been waiting so long to get...

I am at the point where I am feeling more comfortable being bald. I don't wear the wigs often because of the heat, and when it's really hot I walk around my house or yard bald. I just wish that it was growing back evenly because then I could really just go bald all summer.
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