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GvHD on the face

Posted May 17 2009 11:33pm
Today, I'm developing a rash on my right cheek. It itches like you wouldn't believe and I'm doing my best not to scratch it. I've also developed a dry, scaly patch on my forehead just above my left eyebrow. I have an appointment with my local oncologist and I'll discuss it with him. Unless it gets out of control, I should be able to manage it with cortisone.

On a more positive note, Chris and I went out exploring around our soon to be new neighborhood. We discovered a gelato shop not too far from the house which I think is going to be hell on my weight. We also noticed a sign heralding the forthcoming opening of a new branch of my favorite doughnut shop in the next shopping center over. If only Chris could convince the owner of Paradise Smoothie to open a bubble tea shop on our soon to be side of town, my favorite snack foods triumvirate would be complete. :)
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