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good day

Posted Jun 16 2005 12:00am
More or less.

I think my taste buds are coming back. The roast chicken at dinner tonight tasted like chicken. I noticed that my sense of smell is working fine, and it is just totally weird when I taste something and the taste doesn't match the smell at all! Mostly, I'm getting just... nothing. Not an altered taste, but no sense of certain tastes at all.

I seriously hope this is temporary, because I am going to have a hell of a time being any kind of a food writer if my sense of taste is gone. If this is permanent, I will cry.

We shopped today, and I finally did get some laundry going, nothing much else. But I came home and prepped the chicken and put on the stock to simmer, and dinner was recognizable to anyone as just that, dinner. Usually I do rather unusual (that is, lame) things around the vegetable department, for dinner -- sliced apples make a frequent appearance as a "vegetable." Hey, they're good for you! The kids eat them, too. Sometimes it's hard coming up with a protein and two side dishes every single day. Last night we had quesadillas. Our "vegetables": salsa and chopped avocado. Works for me. (heh)

I feel the time running through my fingers but can't get twisted about it. Stuff will get done, or it won't. There's nothing really pressing pending, besides packing, and that's for next week.

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