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Good bye Chemo, Hello TheraSpheres

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:04pm
The Loyola Cancer Team went over my case yesterday and recommend the following:

No more chemo- it has gone as far as it can go at this point - will gain no more from it

TheraSpheres - injection directly to the liver tumors to help further shrink tumors

Surgery - Not an option at this point until more tumors are shrunk/eradicated

I am pursuing 2 nd opinion with Dr. Al Benson at Northwestern.

If for some reason I decided against the therashperes, then they would put me on a different chemo cocktail and see if that further shrunk tumors, but I will pursue these other treatment options.

For nearly 8 months, give or take some breaks due to hospitalizations, I have gone to Loyola Cancer center EVERY WEEK for chemo and DR. appts. It will be kind of weird to not have that weekly routine.

Also, even though chemo is poison and while it's good for tumor-shrinkage and BAD for the rest of your body, I feel scared that it will no longer, at least for now, be infused in me. It's run its course. I've responded very, very well to chemo, but time to take a break.

On the bright side, I gained 7 Pounds in the last week! I had an eating orgy last weekend - Benihana and Pappadeaux, I have to start weaning myself from the bad fattening foods and get better foods in my system. I need to figure out how to go from Skeletor and not be a tubbo!

Saturday I have an outing to Lake Geneva with my sister and her friend Mary, who I can't wait to meet!!!!

Have a Blessed weekend my Prayer ALL can take credit for my progress and for any blessing I have received in my Cancer Fight...

I hope you all can truly believe what Your commitment of prayer in my name has done for me. I am proof of what the power of prayer can do.

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