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Posted Apr 11 2013 12:00am

I was working in Cardiff last week. The driver who took me from the office to the airport, on a beautifully sunshiny day, asked, ‘isn’t it glorious?’
‘Glorious’, as you may know if you come here often, was my Grandma Boyd’s word. It was most often applied to flowers – especially snowdrops, bluebells and sweet peas – but could also be used for grandchildren, weather, the sight of the sea.
So when I agreed with the taxi driver that it was, indeed, glorious – and it was- I was also tipping a wink to my Grandma; our own private joke. I could feel her smile. It was as though all the bits of love in me, that came from her, danced.
It amazes me how the sharing of simple words can make so much impact. So today, or tomorrow, I invite you to use words that are meaningful to you, and see how they connect with other people. I don’t know whether my cab driver could feel the change in me, with his words: how I grew happier, less tired, more rooted in my own life, a feeling that I need at the moment, when I’m travelling so much. I suspect that, in some way, he could.
Please, let me know how it goes.
(I am still in Kurdistan. It is glorious.)

April 11, 2013
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