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Gift Cards for Cancer Patients

Posted Jun 26 2012 2:30pm

By  Robyn Stoller   (from her blog  CancerHawk )

Often times, it’s the little things that people say or do that make a big impact in our lives. The Cancer Card Xchange does just this…

Here’s the dealio (as my daughter always says)…

The Cancer Card Xchange collects gift cards from donors… any re-gifted or newly purchased gift card in any denomination from $5 up to $100. Grocery stores, restaurants, drug stores, department stores, movie theaters, gas cards, any national retailer actually. Then, they distribute these gift cards to cancer patients across the country. Gift recipients are mailed a combination of up to $100 in various gift cards. AMAZING!

Founder & cancer survivor Emily Thomas’ goal is simple… “to brighten the day of someone going through a difficult time.” And let’s face it, we all know how stressful and difficult a cancer diagnosis can be (and that’s an understatement). A little sunshine can sure go a long way.

So how can you get a gift card(s) sent to you or a loved one facing cancer? Contact The Cancer Card Xchange directly. (If Emily does not know the person giving the referral or the person they are referring, they may ask for additional verification that the person in need is truly cancer patient. Sorry, but there are shysters  out there faking a cancer diagnosis- I just read about one shyster doing this in the NY Daily News - UGH!).

P.S. Interesting fact about gift cards: Did you know that according to national statistics, there are tons and I mean tons of unused, unspent gift cards. Recent figures by global financial services consulting firm TowerGroup in Boston estimate that $2.5 billion went unused on 2010 gift cards, and a total of approximately $41 billion worth of gift card funds has remained unclaimed since 2005. A recent Consumer Reports poll shows that although 113 million Americans received gift cards during the 2010 holidays, a quarter of those still hadn’t used them by the start of the 2011 holiday season. (source: Memphis Daily News ) Why not re-gift these to a cancer patient and brighten someone’s day?!

Robyn Stoller runs CancerHawk , a website sharing helpful resources whose sole purpose is to help cancer patients and their caregivers on their journey. She can also be found on WhatNext and on Twitter .

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