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Gets up my nose!

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:10pm
Well it was rather uncomfortable to say the least. Sticking a bloody great big yellow tube up my left nostril with the intention of then threading it down the back of your throat and down into my stomach. And all so that they can drip-feed me if they need. "Give me some decent food and I'll eat it!", I say!. After two attempts on my left nostril and my eyes already streaming they give up and go for my right nostril! A push or four, pain, watering eyes, a few gulps and its down, "Ooh, just a bit further", push, swallow, and its in. It's not nice, believe me. An x-ray confirms its not far enough down, so a few more pushes and its taped into place, looping attractively from my nostril to behind my ear.

The next morning after no sleep due to worrying whether I'm going to dislodge my nasal umbilical cord I'm turfed out of bed for a shower. Feeling fine one minute, then a little queasy the next. Being sick while having a nasal feed tube is not a good idea. It takes me a few seconds to realise why I have one end of a long tube hanging out of my mouth and the other out of my nose.....not a pretty sight! I've seen this trick on TV...nasal floss! It isn't nice and of course it means I'm gonna have to go throught insertion process all over again!
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