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From UCLA: Meditation is GREAT for your brain

Posted May 30 2010 12:00am

Daily Bruin (UCLA) An interesting article from the UCLA Bruin about the power of meditation on the brain and the density it helps produce in the brain when performed regularly.

Regular meditation is a good way not only to focus your thoughts but also to increase attention span and promote a sense of calmness and relaxation, said Andrea Wagner, a yoga and meditation teacher at the John Wooden Athletic Center.

Wagner started the meditation class at the Wooden Center a year and a half ago after finishing her training, and since then she has implemented a variety of methods to help students to focus.

Wagner uses candles and meditative music to help students focus, as well as utilizing the body’s natural power centers in order to help them center and focus themselves.

Besides helping to clear the mind and focus thoughts, meditation has also been proven to be correlated with denser brain matter.

Researchers at the UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging found that daily meditation helped certain areas of the brain to grow denser.

Researchers studied 22 test subjects who had been meditating on a daily basis for at least five years and compared their MRI scans to those of a control group who do not meditate. The study showed an increase in the density of the gray matter of those subjects who meditated, said Eileen Luders, Laboratory of Neuro Imaging researcher and head of the study.
Not bad information for cancer patients looking for other ways to help deal with tumor growth in the brain and tumor progression overall. I can tell you all how easy it is to do this since I started over a month ago. I am officially addicted. I do it twice a day, at least with a quick 10 minute session midday at some point. Who knows what really works but all I can tell you with assurance is that I FEEL a million times better every time I do it.

Try it. It can’t hurt. Here are some sites I use for reference – A simple how to site – More serious take on the religion, the poses, and the mindset – Excellent ideas and suggestions – A little on the Yuppie/Flaky side but some good ideas

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