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Flaxseeds/linseeds protect or cause breast cancer?

Posted by Minty

I have a long history of non-malignant lumps in my breasts and, after being on hrt for a few years, I have been told by my breast surgeon to come off this (on finding yet another lump), not to drink caffeine and not to eat phytoestrogens, ie. linseeds/flaxseeds, or other seeds, etc.

I have been reading an article on your website which says exactly the opposite - in that flaxseeds can protect against breast cancer.  

I am now confused.  Please help. 

PS  I dislike not having caffeine and also not being able to have linseeds, as both helped my constipation - and would prefer to go back to taking both !

Any advice would be appreciated.   


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TC Patient Expert

Minty, I am sorry for your conflicting advice. Here is something to consider..most doctors receive less than 6 hours of nutrition education in twelve years of study and residency to become doctors. Therefore the nutritional advice from many doctors should be suspect and it is worth getting a second and third opinion. Perhaps you should consider a ND for the nutrtional advice. An ND is a Naturopathic Physician which will have a greater understanding of the nutritional concerns regarding your conditions. Also, I am a fan of flax seeds, Bob's Red mill flax seed meal, flax seed oil etc. Personally, I feel it is beneficial for you. Here is a great link that will explain in detail about Dr. Johanna Budwig and her diet for treating cancer. The main components - Flax Seed(Linseed) Oil and cottage cheese. I suggest you give it a read.  You would do yourself justice by avoiding any dairy or meat products in which the animals were treated with growth hormone or rBGH. Avoid all nitrate and nitrite containing products. As for the caffeine, maybe you could consider green tea instead of coffee. It contains less caffeine but still will give you a boost and green tea contains tumor fighting agents and antioxidants. All the best.    If you want more info..check out my profile for links and read my blog posts. My book, Live Smart is available at  Take Care.

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