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fibroid tumor in the left upper arm.. what could be the cuase

Posted by lisa196403

My upper left arm became enlarged and then i lose feeling in my arm from time to time.I went to the ER, the doctor there told me it was fibriod tumor that was pinching the nerve. His comment was " i don't think it is terminal but no matter what it will be difficult to treat" Once he found I had no insurance he then sent me home. what could be the cause? and what do they do to fix it?
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What could be the cause?  The cause for the tumor, or the reason that he sent you home, or the reason you do not have insurance?  I presume you are asking for the cause of the tumor.   I am not a doctor, but have a family member that has had this reoccuring problem.  It appears to me to be genetics, although I know of no other family members that have this problem.

It will likely have to be surgically removed.  God-willing all will go well.

I'm having the same symptoms, it is pressing a nerve that's probably why you don't feel your hand anymore, did you cure it? I think surgery is needed (i am not a doctor) I'm removing mine next week. Symptoms include: numbness in your hand, your underarm hurts, redness around the area where the fibrosis is on the nerve.

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