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Fear of Death by cancer

Posted Aug 13 2012 8:20am

Fear of death by cancer is quite obvious for those who have been suffering from advanced cancer stages. Such fear can be overcome by understanding a few causes and symptoms for detecting cancerous infection and apt methods to control the malignancy at minimum possible stage.

Tips to Tackle Fear of Death by Cancer

One of the most important ways to tackle the fear is to go for suitable medical advice from time to time and understand actual status of cancer growth in your body. Every cancer comes with different rate of survival and one should first go for proper diagnosis to detect the level of cancerous growth he is suffering from. Also, ask your physician about your overall chances of survival and the right kind of cure that can benefit you in increasing life expectancy.

You should not compare your chances of survival with that of any other victim. Usually, probability to survive depends largely upon the immune system of a person. Thus, even though more than one victims are detected for same stage of a particular form of cancerous growth, they may record different chances of survival. Another way to overcome fear is to understand the nature of cancerous growth you are suffering from and take proper guidance on the pattern of eating habits and lifestyle you must follow to discourage malignant cells from developing further. You can approach leading cancer support groups or cancer experts in your area to get valuable tips on the same.

Eating vegetables, regular exercise, consuming fresh fruits, and staying away from the habits like tobacco chewing, alcoholism, and smoking can get you a long way in curing cancerous growth efficiently and boosting up your possibilities of survival. One should follow suitable post-cure care pattern and consult a cancer expert in case of any unusual changes in the functioning of your body.

Fear of cancer death should be tackled well in time and help of psychiatrists should also be sought whenever necessary. Avoid believing in rumors or taking advice from general people and always seek correct and genuine medical advice.


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