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Echo-Stress Test Results

Posted Jul 09 2009 5:21pm
Wednesday's Echo-Stress Test was inconclusive - at least when it comes to finding the cause of my symptoms. However, it definitely confirmed something is not as it should be. Walking at a steady pace had me instantly short of breath. By the time I was jogging...well, let me just say the only reason I continued was because I was in a hospital and only feet away from my nurse and the doctors she worked under.

The test went as follows: I was hooked up to an EKG machine, then given a Echo-cardiogram [ultrasound of my heart]. Then I stepped onto a treadmill and walked slowly. The rate was increased to a steady pace, then a fast pace, then eventually jogging. Let's just say it was not a pretty sight. The initial Echo-Cardiogram revealed no noticeable problems. The EKG revealed regular heartbeat while standing still as well as while walking and jogging. The Echo-Cardiogram immediately following also revealed no noticeable problems. The Cardiologist said she would recommend a specific type of CT Scan that provides a clearer picture of my heart.

As a result of these most recent test results, my Pulmonologist called (last night) to say she referred me to a Cardiologist. I will see that Cardiologist's Physicians Assistant on Monday morning. My assumption is that the PA is setting me up for tests and not doing diagnostic work. And considering I'm now blogging about Pulmonologists and Cardiologits, I must say I am a little stunned.
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