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Easy as plums

Posted Jan 29 2013 4:18am
I cut up a couple of punnets of plums. (I didn’t take the stones out, because life is short, and the people who will be eating them – ie mainly Alan and I – are quite capable of taking them out.)
I broke a couple of cinnamon sticks over them. I added a sprinkle of ginger and drizzled some honey on top. I added a glug of orange extract , which is not strictly necessary, but does add a certain je ne sais quoi.
I put the dish in the oven, at 180 degrees for half an hour, but that was really only because the oven was already on, cooking parkin, and the parkin had half an hour to go. The oven part is not an exact science, and depends on ripeness and juiciness of plums, among other things. I’d say no more than 180 degrees, and give them a poke after twenty minutes to see if they are soft.
And that’s it. Preparation time, probably less than ten minutes, and a whole lot of possibilities. With custard or ice cream for dessert; with yoghurt for breakfast. Pureed (stones taken out) and eaten with a dollop of yoghurt and a bit of tahini. And the syrup will be going in with some gin and ginger beer and a lot of ice for something that’s just what a writer needs of a Tuesday evening.
(Of course, all of these are only good things if you like plums. If you don’t, as you were.)
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