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Posted Mar 19 2009 7:51pm
Regularly taking in a lot of calcium appears to cut the risk of developing colon cancer and other cancers in the digestive system. Australian Associated Press in recent news reports that the Archives of Internal Medicine study authors found “in both men and women, dairy food and calcium intakes were inversely associated with cancers of the digestive system”, meaning: getting more calcium into your system can significantly contribute to colon cancer prevention . In the 7-year study, participants filled in food questionnaires when they enrolled in the study in 1995 and 1996, reporting how much and how often they had dairy products and other foods. Over the next seven years of follow-up, the some 36,965 cancer cases identified in men and 16,605 in women were matched against state cancer registries identifying new cases of cancer through 2003. This study was based on data gathered from 293,907 men and 198,903 women aged between 50 and 71.

 The authors found that women who consumed approximately 1,881 milligrams a day reduced their risk of developing dangerous cells, such as harmful colon polyps , by 23% over those who had a calcium intake of around 494 milligrams a day. For men, those with the highest consumption of calcium of about 1,530 milligrams a day had a 16% smaller risk of developing cancer in the digestive system. When I spoke with a leading Los Angeles Gastroenterologist in my area, he further informed me that the study found no evident link between increased calcium consumption and a reduction in other cancers, such as prostate and breast cancers. And other experts in the Beverly Hills colonoscopy field cite the authors of the study as saying: "In conclusion, our findings suggest that calcium intake consistent with current recommendations is associated with a lower risk of total cancer in women and cancers of the digestive system, especially colorectal cancer, in both men and women.”


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