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Douche-bag takes the handicap spot

Posted Feb 08 2009 12:00am
If there's one thing Brett and I both passionately hate, it's douche-bags who park in handicap spaces without a proper license plate or placard. I've always known that this was a stupid-ass thing for people to do but I never paid much attention to who parked in the H-spot until I dated Brett.

Brett's dad has muscular dystrophy and has had to increasingly rely on mobility aids over the past 20 years. Recently Mr. Salmi acquired a sweet mobility scooter and van. This combo (scooter + van) provides him freedom to run errands without help from family and gives him the chance to do more things by himself. Unfortunately, vans and scooters can't guarantee you'll get a parking space if an undeserving douche-bag parks in the handicap spot.

I am not really "disabled" like Mr. Salmi, but I do have a "disability" (what with cancer and all). After my recent brain surgery I now attend Physical and Occupational Therapy to get the right side of my body back to normal (more about this in a future blog). For now, I use a cane to help with balance and will soon receive a handicap parking placard in the mail. (I don't plan to use this often but I figure it's a good thing to have just in case.)

When Brett and I got home from a doctor appointment today we saw a raised truck parked between two handicap spaces. The vehicle also blocked the "unloading" area for mobility devices (i.e., the space designated for a ramp to come out of a vehicle). Needless to say, we were furious. And honestly, it's only in situations like this where I use the phrase "douche-bag".

So what did we do about it? We were awesome. He got out of the car and ran to my side to open the door for me. I made a big deal about how much I hurt and used the cane as much as possible. I hunched over and cringed. Brett kept telling me to take it easy. I mentioned that it would be a lot easier to get from the car to the house if I could have parked closer but someone else must have had a good reason to use both of the handicap spaces.

You might think it childish, but we put on a show. Possibly for no one ... but we hope the douche-bag who parked there saw us, learned a lesson, and felt real douche-y.
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