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Does Bile duct cacer spred to the bones

Posted by Maduranga


I am writing this on behalf of my 70 year old father. He had an itch for around 3 months starting from June 2009. We consulted skin specialists where they told it a sweat rash and gave us some creams. However further investigations revealed that there was a blockage (due to a tumor) in my father's bile duct and doctors put in a plastic stent. When they put in the Plastic stent they obtained a Bile duct brushing around the stricture which gave the following result,

C4-Atypia Suspious of malignancy.

At the same time my father underwent a bone scan. This scan showed some spots (dots) appearing on some of the bones. The surgeons we went to told us that we should start chemo therapy (after replacing the plastic stent with a metal stent) asap an assumed that these spots that were in the bones are are coming from the pancreas. Now they have put a metal stent replacing the plastic.

As we were dissatisfied and lost about this result we asked the surgeon to take another brushing sample when they were putting the metal stent. However the surgeons did not take another brushing saying that the earlier result obtained from the biopsy is sufficient to assume that my father has cancer.

The surgeons and oncologists we refered to said "no" to any surgery to remove the cancer as my father is 70 years old and a diabetic. Furthermore my father underwent a bypass surgery 2 years back. The metal stent was put in to my father on the 23rd of December 2009. Now we do not know how to proceed. Please guide us as we are lost.

We also did a whole body bone scan which gave the following results,


TC-99m MDP BONEScan shows physiological and symmetricaldistributio of radiotracer in whole skeleton except for abnormal hyperconcentration of tracer noted in the following sites-
-both sacroiliac joints
-right hemi pelvis

Impression: Scintigraphic features are suggestive of metastatic involvement

Suggested: Clinico-radiological correlation please.

The surgon we went (30-12-09) said that "assuming the what is in the bone is the cancer spreading from the Bile then my father's cancer is in stage 4". Is the doctor right to assume such a thing? If the bone thing is not related to the bile duct cancer then is the cancer in the 4th stage. Please guide me to show the best way possible.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hoe to hear from you as soon as possible.





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