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Diagnostic Procedures, Cats & Naked Biking

Posted Aug 10 2009 4:32pm
So it was an exciting weekend!

First of all, I had an AWESOME time biking nude in the Solstice Parade. It was an exhilarating experience and I am sooooo glad I did it! There were about 500 of us this year, which was first apparent after there was no room at the Palladium for the painting party. It is actually pretty difficult painting yourself and others when you are trying to dry your armpits with your arms to the side and when you keep "exchanging" colors with everyone who walks by you. I had to repaint about every 5 minutes. It was fun though to be amongst tons of people sharing paint and admiring their body art. After the painting area was cleaned up we gathered in front and spent about 30 minutes assembling for a group picture (impossible) and walking around photographing each other. I personally loved the girl painted like Pac-Man. Awesome ideas. Next year I will definitely plan better and work on my ideas- there were a few pitfalls (not getting there early enough so my base coat wouldn't dry, having my friend help me paint my planets when he couldn't draw a circle; leaving all my stuff at the Palladium so I had no clothes later..). After we took our group photo we all gathered for a short ride around Ballard- another area of town that wasn't expecting us. I didn't know what to expect but was greeted with honks and waves and simply stunned people. The coolest thing was that when we passed clothed bikers, we cheered and yelled and actually got two to strip right there in the street and ride with us! By the time we ended up at the parade I was so psyched up. There were people 10 rows deep lining the streets all cheering and waving and photographing us for like 10 blocks. It was awesome! We rode and waved back. When we got to one intersection, a group painted like cops stood next to the real cops and helped direct us on the route- it was hilarious. There was a guy in silver skateboarding in and out of the crowd and catching rides. When we got to the end a few of us circled back around so people could get more shots. It was like being a celebrity. After we were done I had to take a trip back to get my clothes and got a little lost. So that was also kind of fun- being the lone rider on a major street. After I got my stuff I spent the rest of the day in a sarong hanging with friends and enjoying the rest of the festival. It was all- around a great day! And don't worry, I will upload my pics if you don't have facebook! Here's an article in the local newspaper .

This weekend we also had some other news. My roommate's cat has been missing for a week. It was tough cause we had twice heard from the neighbors that a similar-looking cat had been hanging out in their yards. So excitedly we went searching, only to find from a neighbor that there was a dead cat under their stairs. Unfortunately it was our little Bandit- I guess he was probably hit by a car and then crawled . It was disappointing and sad. Especially since our neighbor's cute little dog was killed by a car a week ago. Sad week for pets :( My kitty is especially sad and acting weird.

So back to medical/cancer stuffLast Wednesday was my cardiac echo. I still don't have the results yet if you're wondering.. It was actually a pretty cool procedure. I just lay there on the table on my left side and the tech slid the ultrasound probe around my chest. I also had a 3-lead ECG. She let me see the screen which was amazing because I could see my valves clearly flapping around with each beat. I could see all the structures of my heart, and got to watch her measure the flow in each chamber. Very cool. She said that everything looked alright but of course the cardiologist has to read it.

Thursday was the CT scan. I forgot how long it takes! I was there for hours! First they give you two huge bottles of berry flavored chalk to drink (barium contrast). You drink the first one (choice of chilled or room temperature), and sit there for 40 minutes to let it digest. Then you drink number two and wait 4o minutes. The reason they do this is so that the first swallow gets to your small intestine and the second is still in your stomach when you get the scan. Anyways, then I get called for the scan, during which I get injected with yet another form of contrast. I lay down on the scanner and it goes back and forth beaming rays through me. Sometimes a little smiley face on the machine lights up to tell me to breathe or hold my breath (to raise my lungs to get a better image). After the scan, I have to go back into the waiting room for observation because some people react to the contrast. The whole thing took like 4 hrs.

Well that's it for now! Happy Solstice!!!
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