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Defying Logic; Slowly Doing Away With Negative Thinking

Posted Sep 07 2008 7:56pm

This photo accurately portrays the look on my radiology doctors' faces today when they saw the results of radiation over the past two weeks, along with my still feeling good and working full time.

I probably don't need to mention that this gave me great delight. Always love disproving negative thinking.

Basically, I got some double takes and then triple takes as they kept asking me over and over again about symptoms they say I 'should' be having. They were shocked, but pleased. Dear Dr. Yang - he has been my friend from the beginning. He is the compassionate doctor, and he was really happy.

So, today a good day and tonight and this weekend I rest. By giving in to rest, I keep feeling better and better.

Today was one more day of radiation behind me and I have 13 days left, because I don't get radiation on weekends. That is less than two weeks, obviously. Good. Although, I must be careful to not talk badly about radiation because it is one of the things helping my tumour to shrink.

Of course, we all know there is a lot more to it than that :) One of the partners at my firm today said it's all a miracle. That, it is.

I've lost a little more than 50% of the tumour in just two weeks, which is really 10 days. My bosses figured that one out - I hadn't thought of it in terms of percentages before.

Wouldn't it really be something if I didn't have to have surgery? One can hope. In the meantime, I am thankful, have lots and lots of gratitude, and a definite healthy dose of Spiritual humility.

I am very lucky.

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