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Days 3 & 4

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:03pm
Painting I made yesterday

Day 3 was a busy day, but I did not feel great. I woke up feeling very out of my skin, and uncomfortable like restless leg syndrome all over my body. I felt like I could not sit still and everything was restless. Doctors tried to look at my meds and could not find out why, so it was a long day of trying to get comfortable. When the physical therapist came in she made comments about my hands or feet being numb, and I said they were. Well I thought about it last night and this am said something to the doctor, it is a condition caused by the chemo and radiation called neuropathy, and guess what - there is a pill to fix it. So I have already had the pill today and hopefully in a few days or sooner will shake the feeling and be able to relax again. Thank goodness for medicine sometimes.

Yesterday I also participated in the Open Arts Program like I did over the summer. An artist came into my room to work with me since I can not leave and I did a painting, I am attaching the photo. First I made the black design by moving a string all over the paper, then I used water colors to fill it in, when you turn it around it makes different designs, I like it this way, it looks to me like a lady, bald none the less, with a dress being like ah, I am free. Maybe just that is how I am starting to feel now that I am done with transplant and all procedure parts of my cure, now i am on to healing and feeling better. I thought it was ironic how it came out and looks like how I am feeling. The open art program is amazing, they have open art studio every day which the kids will come to some days, and it will fulfill their art requirement for homeschooling, plus they will have fun and enjoy the art time doing things that we wouldn't do at home. We did this over the summer and they had fun with it.

Today I got my first transfusion of platelets, they were 6 which is well below the normal range and below the 10 level they transfuse at. So I had a good 3 hour nap from the benadrly they premedicate you with, that stuff is really strong and makes me go to sleep pretty much right away. I plan to hang out rest of the day and rest,when platelets are low they want you not to do to much, to much risk of getting hurt if you fall, etc.

The children are finishing up at the park after schooling and Daddy working and will be by later on to visit. Steven is bringing me some foods I can heat up when meal time comes, the food here is less than desirable after how long i been here and feel so it is good to have something fast to heat up that I can get down. It is so good to have them close by, knowing they can come and visit so often just reinforces that we did the right thing by bringing them with us. They are happy and smiling when I see them and hear them being happy at home on the phone and that is all that matters is they feel safe and happy with us near by.

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