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Day Three of chemo

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:32pm
I just got hooked up to my chemo drip, day three of 5. it is going quick, but side effects also came quicker this time too. My blood sugar has been rising and today i started insulin again, it is a drug induced diabetes, and it comes from the steroids i am taking a few times a day with the chemo. It should last for 48 hours after my last treatment, last time i was here it was longer, about a week, so we shall see how long it will last this time. I might have to check my sugars at home and inject myself with insulin. I don't feel any different, but my sugars are high and I have to check it before I eat and then they give me an insulin shot. The nausea is really strong, I have to have ask for additional anti nausea drugs a few times a day in order to eat. My tastes are starting to diminish already. I am not happy it happened so quick this time, but maybe it will go away quicker. Other than these two things, all is well. My counts are steady still, they will start to drop 7 days after chemo or so.

The kids are keeping busy, and spending today at Wannado City which they love, it helps that we know we will be home Saturday, it made it much easier to leave them this week and for them to know that we will be home soon. When my chemo is done around 5 on Saturday I am free to go, so we will start the drive home and be home for bed time. It is still hard to say goodbye and talk to them on the phone, you just miss them so much. Olivia is really funny on the phone, she gets the most excited to talk to you and tell you about her day at school. Then she said to me yesterday you go doctor, I said yes, and she said you have your puppy. Puppy is what she calls my port when it is accessed with the needle, it has a cord that hangs out for the drugs to go into, and she calls it my puppy. No idea why, but it awful cute. When I get home she looks for it, and then says I have a boo when there is a band aid on there, and your puppy went bye bye when it is gone. She is so observant for a two year old.
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