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~ Day -7 ~

Posted Nov 06 2009 10:02pm
Today is day -7, and I have completed two out of three days of chemo. I had my chemo early afternoon, the fluids that they continuously give you make you go to the bathroom non stop, so having it early in the day was good, I might get some sleep tonight. I am still feeling pretty well, the chemo gave me a bit of a stomache but it resolved.

The kids came to visit around dinner time. It is always a whirlwind when all of them visit together. They snacked and watched TV and we had dinner together. They headed home to get ready for bed, Olivia did not have her nap and everyone was tired. This afternoon Daddy and Grandma took them to a playground a nurse told us about so they could get out some of their energy, oh to have energy like kids. hopefully they will be headed to sleep or already there now.

Nothing much happening here, trying to stay busy, getting lots of fluid medicines,I have to use a respiratory air thing that you breath in every hour to keep my lungs healthy so I need to remember to do that, they want 10 times per hour. The physical therapists came in today and gave me an orientation and assessment, a booklet of exercises I will be doing each day. My muscles have not recovered from my last treatments, so my balance is off and my legs have alot of weakness, so we will work on that. I like that they do that with you and keep you strong. They do not want you sitting, or in bed all day, except the days you feel so awful you can not do it, or when your blood counts are low and you get transfusions, then you have to stop the exercising until they are up again. So between doctors coming in and out, physical therapists, dieticians, pharmacists, the nurse and the tech, and walking around the floor several times a day for exercise, I wont get a whole lot of rest. I did get a good nights sleep, I slept from 11-3, then woke up and when you wake or if you don't at 4 am they get vitals, weight and labs, so I got it when I was awake and was able to go back to sleep until 7:30, so for a hospital that was good sleep. Steven spent the night with me which always eases my mind having him here with me, so I can sleep better.

Tomorrow is another copy of today but the great thing is that it is my last chemo - hopefully forever!
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