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Day 7 & 8 ~ Bye Bye Hair Once Again

Posted Nov 21 2009 10:02pm
Day 7 was one week and one day since transplant. Day 7 and 8 are about the same complication wise. My nausea is there a lot now even with medicines, mouth sores and nausea mixed are making it hard to eat. The sores are in your throat and GI tract, so it feels like i am having constant heartburn since yesterday, they are upping my pro tonics, or stomach acid reducer to two times a day and gave me tums should i need them. I am eating what I can and could still take my pills by mouth. The doctor said today she would switch my pills to iv if I need it, i might have to end up doing that if I can not get them down today. Right now my morning ones are staring me in the face and I have no desire to try and get them down. My hair is falling out like crazy, of course once I realized that I wanted it shaved to stop if from falling out in pieces like it does, the salon here is closed on the weekends, so I have to wait till Monday. Steven could come and do it for me, but I don't think that is something I want, there are a lot of things he does to care for me , but it does not seem like that should be something he or anyone I know should do. My head is beyond itchy and hurting as it falls out, so I am trying to deal with it till Monday. Today a lot came out when I washed it, so now I have a spotty head, the bandanna came back out today since I am not a fan of walking around bald. This is the third time I will loose my hair in two years, I sure hope it is the last, I am tired of this.

Overall I am tired and just feeling blah, my numbers are still low, I am about to get another platelet transfusion in a little while. Even with how I feel, complications I experience, etc. they say I am doing great and am right on track where I should be, which is great. I wish time would go by faster, but i know I have to wait it out.
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