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Day 5

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:03pm
Days are going by, not as fast as I like, but today is day 5 and things are still moving along. Side effects are starting, but they are expected and I am still tolerating everything well. My platelets are low, today they were 3, so I received a bag this morning, waiting on blood work to come back to see what they bumped up to. I will most likely need more every day until I start engrafting my cells, and no one really knows when that will be. I am starting to get mouth sores, and my throat is really sore. The sores are not just in your mouth but down your throat and GI tract, so it is uncomfortable. I can still eat without pain pills, just eating soft foods and slowly. The nurapathy in my feet is still there but I I think it getting better, I am able to tolerate it more so that means the medicines are working. Medically speaking I am exactly where I should be.

I am getting tired of being hooked up to IV's though. For past 24 hours I have had one or up to three of my lines being infused continuously. In half hour I will have a 30 min break with nothing to hang and I am waiting for that so that I can shower. Even with being disconnected from two of my lines, I am on a 24 hour drip in one line that houses itself in a small purse like bag I have to carry around, it is an immuno suppressent drug I must be on at all times, I forget the name. Dragging the IV pole around and being bound by it is getting old and annoying now. I want to walk but the thought of dragging my friend as I call it is not fun. The drugs are necessary to keep me healthy, but they are still getting to be old all the time.

Other than medical stuff, I been keeping busy with thank you's, emails, etc. I have written my thank you note for both the benefit and spaghetti dinner held in our honor, and for all the wonderful people who helped out, I have over 200 thank you's to send! Simply amazing. That will take me some time to address and mail the letters. I will be doing online shopping for the kids holiday gifts, I ordered their annual ornaments this morning since I can not get out and get them, we get each child their own personalized each year so they will have a nice collection as they get older. This year I got them silly elves that say Mom's favorite oldest child, middle child, etc. They are pretty cute and what I was looking for. We also have a tradition of new Christmas pajamas for Christmas eve, so I can browse and order them. Even though I will be not myself for the holidays, I am determined to make it a memorable and traditional one for the kids, with the same things we do at home each year.

I have a few thank you's for cards I received that made me smile. Thank you to Ann at Steven's work for the card and hope bracelet, I love it. Thanks Stacey for the birthday card, since Nov 13th is now my second birthday each year! Thank you to my friend Amy who sent me a smurfy little package today - it made me smile, I appreciate the photos and the cards. Thank you to my friend Carlene also for the cheery card. She always knows how to make me smile :)

So now I wait, to be unhooked from my friend and get a shower finally and then for my family to visit. Such is the exciting life of a transplant patient! Today we are decorating a princess turkey for Sofia's class project, she wants to do it with me and I am honored to have her come and work on it with her. The kids really are adjusting well here, which makes me feel so good. Tomorrow they are getting a visitor, Grandpa Phil is coming for a few days, Mom's birthday is this weekend and we asked him to come and celebrate with her. He was able to get the time off and is coming, so everyone is excited to see him.
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