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Day 44 and Some Photos To Share

Posted Dec 27 2009 3:58pm
Here are some photos from our very first outing when I got out of hospital a few days later to the park.

Sofia took this photo of me up close I was so cold and she caught me off guard with no smile

And this one too, the second one makes me laugh, I am out there all alone sitting on edge of the bench, it it descriptive of my situation right now though, staying away from germs, lots of people, etc.

What I see in these photos are very happy children, and that makes me know that we 100% made the right decision on having them with us in Tampa for this temporary move. It also shows how every day they fuel me and push me on, even when I am feeling to tired.
Today is Day 44 and things are moving along well. I only had clinic visits two days this week, and no new transfusions. My platelets have doubled all on their own and continue to rise. I am off IV magnesium. I am still diabetic, the insulin has become easier to manage and my numbers are in lower range, today was the first time I gave myself the shot instead of Steven. I figured I better learn in case he is out or something. My appetite is not great, but I can eat my meals and always manage to find something that works. My blood pressure still continues to be high so that medicine doubled this week. It is a fine balancing game with all the medicines, each week on Monday they change around, so I expect changes tomorrow again, hopefully with some coming off or amounts down would be a blessing, especially the prednisone. My GvH responded amazing to it, so they have to slowly taper it away, so maybe one more pill down this week. My fatigue is getting better, I am still in no shape to manage more than myself, but I can usually make it throughout the day with one nap and then get a good nights sleep. Daily tasks I feel I have to drag myself to do, but I see it getting better. Children help that along more than you want, they force you to be up and at it. Thank goodness for the endless energy of my Mom and Steven, they are doing it all and I just wonder how and where they get the energy, lol, even though I know I did it to and will once again, right now that is a distant thought. I wish most days I could get a jolt of energy, just feels like I am dragging along. Day by day though, I know I need to be patient. For now, I am beyond pleased with my progress as our the doctors, etc. The fact that I am home and out and about already is amazing to me, like is restricted, but we are still going out, slowly going places at off peak times, we went to the park, the movies, where luckily there was only one other family there, I have been to a store, all the time I wear my gloves and or mask to protect myself, the gloves are greatest though in a store, allows me to touch cart or items and not get my hands dirty, then peel them off once outside and leave germs there. We have become hand washing and sanitizing freaks, we use it before we go in somewhere, in the store, when we get in the car, The Russo's have the cleanest hands around! Hopefully everyone is going to continue to stay healthy.

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