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Day 38 update & Merry Christmas

Posted Dec 21 2009 7:35pm
Merry Christmas! Sorry I been neglecting my blog, I been home for two weeks yesterday now, it has gone by so fast and been a blur. It does not help that water got spilled in my lap top and it is not working. I am still doing well, this week I went down to three days a week clinic visits. It was confirmed with biopsy that I have skin GvH, but I responded so well to the prednisone they have already started backing off it. The rash has cleared up and left dry snaky skin in its place that is peeling, lovely, but once that clears up my skin should go back to somewhat normal. The prednisone has made me temporarily diabetic, so I been checking my blood sugar three times a day, today I had to start insulin shots at home though, it has been way to high, so tonight Steven administered the first shot. I have to say he does a great job, he is in charge of all the medicines and shots, he is gentle with it, but at the same time it is scary having your husband with no experience in medical field giving you IV's and shots. We sure have learned a lot these past few years. As they taper off the prednisone, and once I am done with the medicine I will not be diabetic any longer, it goes away in a few days. Medicines are changed around, added and backed off each doctor appt on Monday, tonight is the first night since being home I do not have to have an IV bag of magnesium, I am now done with the IV's, just taking pills. Lots of pills! My energy level is up and down, one day it is great, next day I am really fatigued. It does not take much to make me tired, our outings are short and sweet when we go because it is hard to be out to long, but at least I am out.
The kids are on major count down to Christmas, every day they count down, they are so excited. Santa still has a lot of wrapping to do, but I think that they are going to be thrilled come Christmas day. Mom and Steven are doing well, tired, taking care of me and three little ones is no easy feat, but we go day by day and are doing the best we can.

Thank you for all the continued prayers, we are truly blessed to have me doing so well, doctors keep saying they are thrilled with my progress, and that is all the Christmas present I need this year. To be able to say I am healthy, with no Leukemia and hopefully now with a new immune system and no way for this horrible disease to continue seems surreal, but I can say it, and I am proud to. This year we are extra thankful that I am here and HEALTHY.
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