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Day 2

Posted Nov 15 2009 10:02pm
Day 2 has been pretty uneventful so far. It is beyond quiet in a hospital on weekends, so I am riding out my day. My counts are down, I am a bit sluggish with energy it seems, but still ready to blow this place and go home, lol. My throat is a bit soar, like mouth sores could be starting, but nothing we can do about that except great mouth care, and the radiation and medicines have made for a yucky stomach. Steven, Christian and Sofia stopped by to say hi after going to the movies together this afternoon, while Olivia napped at home with Grandma.

I have done some reading and am starting to organize a BIG photo project I put off for years, but since I now have time I felt like I should start, still not believing it will get done, but I can try and be positive :) I have not printed my digital photos since 2004 and the day before Miss Sofia's arrival. I have brought my drive with all my photos on it, I do have most organized by year on there that
i did last year sometime. The plan is to go through month by month starting with 2004until now and print out the photos for my photo albums. Just getting that done would be huge, then I could organize them into albums at a later time. It is going to cost me a small fortune, I am trying to do a little at a time. I seems ambiscous after a transplant, but it is something I really want to have done for my self and my family and i do needa large project to occupy all my open time now. I adore taking ohotos as you know and not being able to flip through them or have tem on hand is hard, esp when she asks where are her photos when looking at her brothers. And now Olivia is in the mix to. So today i am starting, searching out the online company i am using and maybe during my recovery I will put a small dent into this very large project.

I will share some of my favorites as I rediscover them on my drive,like for instance the very first photo we took with Sofia below

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