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Day 17 - Still waiting for engraftment

Posted Nov 30 2009 10:02pm
Sorry for not blogging for a few days, I just have not been feeling well enough to be on the computer. It has continued to be a hard time for me. My entire body rash is still here, including my face, and my cheek and under my eyes are very swollen, it makes it hard to see the screen. My eyes are itching out of control. They say all this is from the radiation. I woke up today with my face peeling all over, even more lovely. They say that is good though, it means new skin is forming, so the old damaged skin peel away. I am still very congested and my appetite in past few days is gone, it has been really hard to eat or drink anything. I just feel awful. I am receiving iv medicines 24 hours a day and it feels toxic to me, it is just way to much. Until engraftment starts, which they figure should be end of this week I cant come off any of the medicines. I sure hope engraftment comes soon, I am just at the end of my rope, all normal they say, but I am tired of not feeling well. I been here 25 days and I just want to go home to my family. I want to see them when I want, to be there to help care for them and play with them, to sleep all night without being woke up a zillion times, you get the picture, I am just done with all of this. My mood is not where it should be, but at this point it has been a long road and I am ready for the next part of the road to begin, the road to feeling good. Today is the first day in I cant remember how long I do not need a transfusion. so the kids are coming by here to do their school work, that will help to cheer me up.

Sorry for the negative post, soon I hope as I feel better to start having more positive things to write. The doctor said today these are all normal, and he thought I was doing great, I love to heart hat when I feel so bad, but I will take it.
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