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Day 1

Posted Nov 14 2009 10:02pm
Today is considered day 1, yesterday was zero and transplant day. Yesterday was also considered by 2nd birthday, so I will now celebrate twice each year, and what a reason we will have to celebrate. Yesterday was just the infusion of cells and resting, all was well with the actual procedure, my blood pressure went high from preservative used to freeze cords, so I got some medicine and it leveled off. I went to sleep early and was feeling lousy still from all the meds and mostly the one steroid I have been on which has been making me sick. The steroid stopped yesterday and they switched some things around so now today I feel better. I slept well and woke up not feeling anxiety or jittery like I was, the medicine is tapering off and also I think the fact that the actual procedure is done now makes a world of difference.

Today I have spent my day resting, on the computer, talking to some friends and eating. I found a new liking for lime Gatorade yesterday so its been my drink of choice. Very exciting stuff going on around here. My appetite will fade and I might end up with mouth sores soon, that is pretty much a given, so for now i am trying to eat and drink while i still can. My white (wbc) blood cells have bottomed out to 0.03, normal is over 5.0 so I am officially at high risk for infection, which we take lots of precautions for, my red blood and platelets are on the downward trend to 0 also, all which we expect. They will hover in these low ranges for a bit and during that time I will get blood transfusions until my own cells, or my new baby cells start taking over and making new healthy cells, I believe this is called engraftment, which is what we are waiting for.

So for now Day 1 has been uneventful and I look forward to a little while from now when my family comes to visit, they went to the science museum to burn off some energy today. It is beyond wonderful to have them so close, I feel so blessed by all of the good things happening in my life today. The next hurdle is around day 100 when you get to go home, i am not thinking about that then, day by day for now, 1 day at a time, tomorrow is day 2 already!
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