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Cure Cancer With Food

Posted Dec 22 2011 5:59pm

There's lots of debate around the cancer cures. Wether it's possible or not. How much money will still need to go into research before we find a cure.

The problem is much bigger then this . The problem requires a fundamental shift in how we live, how we eat and how we harvest and process our foods.

I went to the local organic grocer the other day. It's a small shop that screams "still on the hippie trail"but I don't care as the food there is all goodness. No yeast, no presevatives, gluten etc...So, anyway, I ask Peter the shop owner/health guru if there was anything he could recommend for my allergies? He gave me a "3rd level deep"reply. "The problem is in how we store our foods, how we process them and what we are eating". Ok. Not exactly, what I had expected but it gave me food for thought (excuse the pun).

I've become more and more convinced that what we do and don't eat is the cause of so much disease in our community.

For example breast cancer is linked to saturated fats in out diet. The lack of vitamin B17 is also a factor . Vitamin B17 is found in bitter foods and has pretty much been eliminated from out food source because it doesn't taste nice. The problem is B17 kills cancer cells.

Studies have found that where the diet is high in vitamin B17 there are no accounts of cancer in the community.

 Did you know if you combine flaxseed oil with cottage cheese, that kills cancer cells as well? 

 Anyway, that's my little rant on cancer cures. There is hope. It's right under our nose and more to the point, what we put in out mouth.

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