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Creating your own reality as a cancer survivor

Posted May 05 2009 11:23pm

There is a lot of interest these days in the subject of do we create our own reality and can we attract conditions into our lives by mind power and positive thinking.   The book the secret and the movie what the bleep are both examples of this philosophy currently popular in the public domain.

Within the world of cancer sufferers, or other people who are experiencing themselves as victims of misfortune, the subject is perceived as a double edged sword: it brings up the feelings of blame and self recrimination; if we create our own reality does that mean that I created this horrible condition that I am experiencing?

If you are suffering from cancer, or have lost a loved one from cancer, then the suggestion that you or they could have created this condition or are any way responsible can be very threatening, insulting and insensitive.

People who write about cancer survivorship universally warn cancer survivors not to feel that they should take any responsibility for creating their illness or feel that it is in any way their fault and this is good advice.   It’s good advice in the same way that it’s a good idea not to try to prescribe your own chemotherapy or perform your own radiotherapy; because you don’t have the tools or the knowledge to do it effectively and create a satisfactory outcome.


As a licensed Avatar® Master I am fortunate enough to have the appropriate tools and the knowledge to apply them so when I had the experiences of having melanoma and then brain tumour I did find it useful to address the question “how did I create or attract these experiences?”   Over the period of some months and with support from other Avatar masters I have had some very revealing insights into beliefs that I was holding that were not helpful to me in terms of creating a healing experience.


The most significant belief I discovered was that I didn’t believe that I would ever feel unconditional or divine love while on this planet, in a body.   I had given up trying to create or experience that level of loving commitment to, or from, another.   I always knew that I had a yearning for complete connection with love but didn’t realise that it was leading me towards death.


One doesn’t need to go to this depth in self responsibility, however, to benefit from using self awareness and self examination regarding an illness.   Taking responsibility isn’t about going back to the past and looking for fault, it’s about managing your beliefs in the present moment so that you can focus as much creating energy as possible on the outcome you choose to experience: being a survivor.


Even as a beginner at using the Avatar tools for self examination one can find beliefs, attitude or intentions that are not being helpful to your experience in the present moment.   Using an exercise like transparent beliefs which is available to the public at Avatar introductory sessions, you can easily have an experience of discovering a hidden belief that could be creating a negative experience in your life, and then change it.  


Finding such beliefs is really nothing about blame and fault at all, it’s actually a great relief to realise that you have the power to change your beliefs and that this can have a positive influence on what you experience.


Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials says,  

“Situations are the result of multiple causes. Think of a lake that is fed by multiple streams of water. It is true that some causes have the lightening quality of fate, but some of the causes are manageable. And managing just one cause can alter an entire situation. If you focus on the "fated" causes, there is little that you can do other than continue to suffer and make plausible excuses. However, if you focus on finding the manageable causes and controlling them, you can change the situation.

What you believe is the most powerful contributing cause to any personal situation. Diet, health, influence of the environment, influence of associations, and habits may also be contributing causes to a situation, but each of them stands a good chance of being managed just by managing your beliefs.”


We all intuitively feel that having a positive attitude and positive beliefs will help us survive cancer, it’s a small step from there to realise that negative attitudes, feelings of victimhood and blame and beliefs about our inability or lack of deservability etc. can be a hindrance to healing.   If we try to believe positive thoughts over our unacknowledged negative thoughts and attitudes it sets up an internal struggle and uses up our creative energy and the results are uncertain.

Supporters of the viewpoint that a positive attitude is enough to help one combat cancer were recently disappointed with the publication of a long-term clinical studyfrom the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.  Researchers found that emotional well-being is not an independent factor affecting the prognosis of patients.  However, having a positive mental attitude does not necessarily mean that one believes that one can, or will, survive; a cancer patient can have a positive outlook and still firmly believe that they have no control or responsibility for what happens to them.   

Clinical research can show the power of belief as it is manifested as the well known placebo effect.   A recent study carried out by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that was awarded the 2008 Ig Nobel Prize for Medicine demonstratedthat expensive fake medicine is more effective than inexpensive fake medicine.   Participants in the study were given placebo pills (inactive sugar pills) and informed that they were trialling analgesics similar to codeine.   Half of the participants were informed that the drug had a regular price of $2.50 per pill and half that the price had been discounted to $0.10 per pill Results showed that in the regular-price group, 85.4% of the participants experienced a mean pain reduction after taking the pill, vs 61.0% in the low-price group.   What could have been different between each group?   Only the value they ascribed to the medicine and therefore a mental expectation of its effectiveness.    These beliefs had a direct impact on their experience of relief from pain.


From my own experience I know that I found it hard to take ownership of the beliefs that I held that would attract the experience of having cancer or hinder my path to healing.   The beliefs I uncovered were not pleasant and I resisted feeling them, but when I was brave enough to honestly examine my intentions and attitudes and own the ones that were not fully aligned with living a full and happy life, I recovered so much energy and certainty in my power to create that I have a deep peace of mind and a certainty that I am a survivor.


I would never suggest to another that they are at fault for being sick or that they deserved their cancer or brought it upon themselves because I know that that is not helpful or compassionate viewpoint.   But I do believe that everybody has the capacity to improve their chances of healing by managing their beliefs and focusing their creative energy on the outcome that they want to experience.   In the process they might have to face some unpleasant moments of self-honesty about their negative intentions but, hey, it’s worth it.   


We are prepared to undergo the rigours of surgery, radiology and chemotherapy in our quest to recovery, a willingness to become more self-conscious and responsible is much easier to face.


It’s this knowledge and experience that inspired me to write the book, ‘’You Don’t Have To Die When Your Doctor Says’ because I know so many cancer sufferers who are scared off from examining their beliefs because of the feelings of guilt and blame that are inevitable if they don’t have to tools to easily explore and change consciousness.


Kia ora





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