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"Crazy Sexy Cancer," Colostomies, Doctors, and Everything In Between!

Posted Sep 07 2008 7:56pm
I haven't posted in about a week now. My friends and I have been taking in and attempting to adjust to the passing of our friend Jason. I knew I would be posting this weekend and that Jason would want all of us to continue on - especially in the work of encouraging others with cancer. So, let's begin, for all of us and for Jason.

My friend (and cancer survivor!), Dave McNeill, sent me some information about Kriss Carr, author and filmmaker of " Crazy Sexy Cancer." I am ordering this DVD today, and if you are also walking this path, I would like to suggest you do the same! Here is the link: Kriss is pictured up there in the right-hand corner. A link to a YouTube on this is down at the bottom of this post!

Kriss has faced challenges that I and others visiting with cancer have had to face ... namely, the doctors and the negativity they can sometimes (often) offer. It deeply saddens me when others tell me of their negative experiences, but that just spurs me on to get past all of this and then employ my renegade Tanya ways to take this on and change it ... to help others. It's never just about us - what affects us affects everyone. That's a life fact. Sometimes it is as simple as just making someone aware. Let's hope that's the case here.

Briefly, I was talking to someone just yesterday who has entered the Vanderbilt cancer system ... they are facing the same things I have faced with all the negativity, lack of communication, etc. I shared with them what I have learned ... we must face cancer head on, individually, and not react to the attitudes and negative messages of the doctors. It's a big lesson, but one definitely worth learning and paying attention to. After all, no one but our Creator knows when it's our time to go ... the doctors may think they know, but they do not. Always remember that! Nurse Cheryl told me that while drawing my blood one day. So, you have it straight from a nurse! It's a truth.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past two weeks. I haven't been hooked up to anything and I have had an incredible burst of energy, the likes of which I have not experienced in over 10 years. My GI told me I've had this cancer with me for about 10 years now, so that makes sense. I just thought I was getting old. This is what happens when we think too much (smile).

My friends and I have been doing things together and I've enjoyed receiving photos of fun times before treatment began (see me with Elizabeth and Maribeth below - I love you both). I've been taking the time to have some fun, and I returned this week to facilitating my meditation group. That was a true joy and it was wonderful to see and be with everyone involved with The Circle of Friends.

On September 19 I go for a scan to see how things are in my body. They are a little concerned about my right lung which has some fluid on it from a bad fall in Atlanta several years ago. I am not concerned, and no one should be concerned. It's been like that for a while now, with no changes.

Next, on September 29, I visit with the surgeon, and all my warrior women friends are going with me! Thanks to Elizabeth, Maribeth, Marjie, and Bliss. I will be scheduling surgery that day and we have some things to address with the surgeon.

When I began this blog, I pledged to be open and honest so that I could help others. So, I am pretty up front with the things I am potentially facing. With that said, here goes - one of the things I'm facing is a possible colostomy.

Now, this could be good, could be bad - you will recall the fable I posted earlier in this blog about all that! ( )
Of course, I would prefer to not have a colostomy, but then again, it may be the thing that helps me to live the longest life possible. In that case, it is a gift and I will most certainly get over it and, perhaps, even be grateful! Actually, I already am grateful for anything that helps me, plus I can go to concerts, sporting events, etc. and not have to stand in line at the ladies room. There's always a plus side to everything! haha

I stand ready to discuss with anyone anything and everything having to do with a colostomy. Talking about it openly is how others receive help. I can't tell you how hard it was for some to say rectum. We need to get over that - it's silly! So, there you go and that's just the kind of gal I am.

As I know more, and even if I don't have to have one, I will still post information about it here for those who might have to have one. It's the right and fair thing to do. Besides, as Dave and I discussed previously, I am not cancer, I am not a colostomy, ... I am me. And, it's all ok.

Please watch and enjoy this YouTube about and by Kriss Carr - you will find it helpful and you will also enjoy it. I'm going to jump off of here and enjoy another day out with friends. I can't wait to get into this day! We'll be back into the medical stuff before we know it, so let's have a little fun during this down time!

Make it a beautiful day!

( Bob, someone - please tell me how to post a YouTube!!! )
" Crazy Sexy Cancer" DVD Preview:
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