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Could this lump on my left temple be a tumour?It is growing, throbs, and is about half the size of a ping pong ball, is not a mo

Posted by pricklyhedgehog1971

Can someone help?

I have had a lump on the left side of my temple for over a year, in between left eye and hairline. It is usually non-problemmatic, hidden just in my scalp / hairline area. But it throbs every so often, has grown steadily to now the size of a very small ping pong ball. It is more tender when I manipulate it, wear sunglasses etc.I dont have headaches or any other symptoms, but it has been throbbing over the past few days and the pressure can be felt - almost makes me feel like bursting into tears. I am so worried. Went to my docs last year and he sadi it was non tenderand almost like a hard mass, and said he thought it was the shape of my skull!! I most certainly was not born with this - I am 38!

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