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Could increased abdominal girth be related to BCC surgeries?

Posted by Lori Lynn Facebook

I wasn't satisfied with my weight and always watched what I ate, but I had a waiste line and wore a size 14.  I am 51 years old.  I had 3 areas I suspected of being psoriasis but were basal cell carcinoma.  I had them surgically removed and pathology reports say basal cell carcinoma with deep extensions and no clear perimteres of removal.  (The surgeon told me she did not see how she could not gotten it all just after surfery completed.)  I also has one area removed per Moh's and it was lengthy procedure of 4+ hours but all was removed.

After the cancer surgeries (Moh's one day/ 3 other areas One week later on same day and was 5+ hours.)  After the first surgery my waist increased a bit.  After second trip waist increased more and kept increasing no matter what I did.  Walking did not help... decreasing sugars... eating more greens....  

I am aware that BCC rarely mets to another area.... but I have not felt well since the begining of surgeries and they were August of 2012.  I had just obtained a new job and had to resign after 6 weeks of work due to surgeries and within first 90 days.  (RN Supervisor)  I have asked and asked questions to FP MD and get no answers.  


Any suggestions? 

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