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Controlling Incontinence Safely and Easily After Prostate Cancer

Posted Aug 02 2012 12:00am

The vast majority of prostate cancer survivors experience urinary incontinence following radiation to destroy their tumors or radical prostatectomies – the surgery needed to totally remove a cancerous prostate. That’s why so many of us who’ve gone through these or other treatments are fitted with catheter bags for an average of one to two weeks after the end of our procedure.

Yet anywhere between 7% to 17% of patients sustain urinary incontinence long after prostate cancer surgery and other treatment modalities. At that point, many men are compelled to wear an adult diaper, which is both uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Now a new alternative is available, according to Bob Deerin, founder of a product line called Wearever . As he elaborates in his guest column below, his company manufactures men's underwear that thoroughly and adroitly controls leakage and offers absorbent protection. While I have not received any remuneration for bringing this product to your attention, I thought it would be worth “airing it” with you!

Managing Post-Prostate Cancer Incontinence with Confidence
by Bob Deerin

Temporary and long-term urinary incontinence is something most guys are uncomfortable talking about. But, this hush-hush issue is more common than you may think. According to the Journal of Urology, 8.2 million men in the United States – including many prostate cancer survivors, have to deal with incontinence.

WebMD indicates that removing the prostate through surgery or destroying it through radiation disrupts the way the bladder holds urine and can result in urine leakage. There are ways to help prevent leakage such as Kegel exercises, avoiding excessive amounts of fluids, medications and surgeries. But there are also easy daily solutions that can help you maintain your lifestyle particularly after going ahead with treatment. This includes real underwear, rather than a diaper, specially designed to absorb and contain light, moderate or heavy incontinence with greater comfort and far less embarrassment.

These Wearever briefs look and feel just like traditional underwear but offer the absorbent protection needed for those living with incontinence. It succeeds where other products fail because of an innovative sewn-in pad with a three-layer design: the top layer lets liquid in; the middle layer moves liquid out to the edges of the fabric, wicking it away so it doesn’t pool and, therefore, resists bacteria growth and odor; and the urethane bottom layer prevents leaking through, so that the moisture is contained within the undergarment.

According to many prostate cancer survivors, this adult brief makes it possible to all but forget your incontinence. Men who wear it while working out in the gym are more comfortable because no one can tell you’re wearing this specialized underwear. In addition, despite their ongoing “flow” while sitting down on chairs or benches for a few minutes, when they stand up again, their seats are still dry.

With the look and feel of traditional underwear, the briefs eliminate the discomfort and loss of dignity that can come with pads or adult diapers. The new product is also easy-care machine washable and lasts as long as a traditional pair of underwear. This means that unlike disposable products, repeated purchases aren’t necessary.

All this makes for one less source of stress while going through prostate cancer recovery and getting back to your pre-treatment lifestyle. To learn more, visit .


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