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complex, septated, left ovarian cyst: ultrasound results

Posted by amy d.

hello dr(s) and community members,

had an mri about 2 weeks ago for VERY severe lower back pain (at night) - among other symptoms, and results
hello fellow members and/or dr(s):

came back with recommendations for a followup pelvic ultrasound due to incidental bilateral ovarian cysts findings.

my ultrasound (pelvic AND transvaginal) results came back this week:

uterus measures:  9.2 x 3.8 x 4.9 cm
endometrial stripe:  echogenic, measuring 1.0 cm
right ovary measures:  4.9 x 1.9 x 3.1 cm
left ovary measures:  6.9 x 4.0 x 5.1 cm
left ovarian cyst:  complex, containing septation, measuring - 6.1 x 4.0 x 5.1 cm
normal appearance of right ovary w/ small follicles (< 4.5 cm) identified
comparison is made to prior ultrasound (10/22/08) same complex left ovarian lesion was present at that time - only smaller
cystic neoplasm needs to be excluded.

so i now have an appointment with a cancer center here in town for friday to find out when i will be having surgery for the cysts.  i believe they will be removing the cysts on both sides, and doing a biopsy on the complex one found on the left ovary.

some questions i have:
what questions should i ask at the appointment?  
should i be concerned at all about the endometrial stripe findings?  
do i need to request that a GYN/ONC be present during the surgery?  
will they be able to tell DURING the surgery if malignancy is present, or will i have to wait?  if so, how long is the typical wait time?  
are there others with similar results who can share their experiences?

i'm a little nervous, but i'm also hopeful that perhaps these cysts are the cause of my back pain that is causing me such turmoil at night.  (please see my post:  maybe when they are removed, i will get some relief!

thank you so much for your replies.
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